The Daily Press Wapakoneta Daily News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-08-20T11:05:56-04:00’s back to school day2014-08-20T11:05:56-04:002014-08-20T11:05:56-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News With children of all ages, parents and faculty members in attendance at Wapakoneta City Schools back to school celebration Tuesday night it certainly didn’t seem like summer any longer.</p><p> As a matter of fact, as of this morning school is officially back in session.</p><p> The schools and parking lots were packed last night to offer an introduction to the buildings, teachers and new surroundings for students entering into the 2014-15 school year.</p><p> Paula Sawmiller a para-educator at Wapakoneta Elementary School said the back to school celebration allows kids and parents to familiarize themselves with their classrooms and teachers.</p><p> “I think it helps calm their nerves being with their parents and coming into the building,” Sawmiller said. “Maybe it’s for the first time or maybe even just moving upstairs and finding their way around. It eases their fear.”</p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Wednesday, Aug. 20 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p><p> <br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHMichelle MeunierIt’s back to school dayWapakoneta Daily elects two to board2014-08-20T11:03:40-04:002014-08-20T11:03:40-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News Two local farmers were elected to the Auglaize Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Board of Supervisors Tuesday during the organization’s 68th annual meeting at the V.F.W. Hall in Wapakoneta.</p><p> Brett Fledderjohann and Ron Wilker were elected to three-year terms, and will join Jeff Zwiebel, Lou Brown and Rick Place on the five-member board.</p><p> Wilker, a resident of St. Marys, had served as interim board supervisor for nearly five months after a previous board member resigned. Although he was appointed to the position, Wilker had to run in the election in order to keep his spot on the board.</p><p> He said he was “surprised” and “happy” to be elected.</p><p> “I thought our board president John Schwarck would have been re-elected,” Wilker said. “The other three guys are also well known so I was surprised to be elected.”</p><p> Wilker and Fledderjohann beat out Schwarck and Bob Little, who both reside in Wapakoneta. Before losing his position, Schwarck had served on the board of supervisors for 17 years.</p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Wednesday, Aug. 20 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p><p> <br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJohn BushDistrict elects two to boardWapakoneta Daily season ends2014-08-20T11:01:32-04:002014-08-20T11:01:32-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News The Wapakoneta WaterPark saw its final day for the season Tuesday, and while many swimmers visited for a fun afternoon, the park is closing the season without making much of a splash.</p><p> “We’ve had discussions about why we’re down,” WaterPark Manager Jack Hayzlett, also Wapakoneta recreation director, said, “because we’re down in attendance from two years ago, but two years ago there were 44 days above 90 degrees. Last year I think there were 13, this year, none.”</p><p> Hayzlett said he expects this year’s attendance numbers to mimic last year’s numbers, which were approximately 50,000. Attendance at the park saw its biggest drop from 70,000 people two years ago.</p><p> “I always say, if it gets hot, people will come,” Hayzlett said. “We built it, but now we need the weather to cooperate, and the last two summers it hasn’t.”</p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Wednesday, Aug. 20 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p><p> <br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHBrittany PowellWaterPark season endsWapakoneta Daily hotels face possible demolition2014-08-19T10:15:27-04:002014-08-19T10:15:27-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News City Councilors were told Monday evening that two hotel properties near the junction of Interstate 75 and Bellefontaine Street have been put on notice and face possible demolition.</p><p> “The clock is ticking,” Mayor Rodney Metz said.</p><p> According to emails provided by the mayor from Superintendent of Engineering Mary Ruck, Western Inn, 413 Apollo Drive, was sent a letter on Aug. 1 referencing the “Dangerous Building Code” and an outdated state permit to rehab a portion of this structure, and also stated that there is a citation with the State Fire Marshall for this property. According to the email, the owner has until Sept. 15 to rectify the situation or face an order to raze the building.</p><p> The email also states that a letter was sent on June 24 to Hamilton Inn & Suites, also referencing the code and stating the owner planned to turn the property into a Holiday Inn. According to the email, the owner has until Oct. 24 to comply.</p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Tuesday, Aug. 19 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p><p> <br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHTOM WEHRHAHNTwo hotels face possible demolitionWapakoneta Daily get ready to roll2014-08-19T10:13:19-04:002014-08-19T10:13:19-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News As students prepare to get back on the bus for the first time this school year, Wapakoneta City School District mechanics are continuing to prepare the fleet of vehicles up until the first day of school on Wednesday.</p><p> “At this point we’re just checking for small, minor stuff,” WCS mechanic Ron Lenhart said. “We’ll be working on them all the way up until the last minute.”</p><p> For the past few months, Lenhart and mechanic Eric Wisener have done extensive work in making sure the district’s fleet of buses are ready for the first day of school. The two full-time mechanics will check for oil leaks, make sure brakes are working properly, check the tire tread and repaint the buses’ exterior, among other things.</p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Tuesday, Aug. 19 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p><p> <br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHBuses get ready to rollWapakoneta Daily crawl to help YMCA campaign2014-08-19T10:08:01-04:002014-08-19T10:08:01-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News After a successful “crawl” last year, the second annual Crawl for A Cause is set to take place this Saturday, Aug. 23.</p><p> Crawl for A Cause is a pub crawl for participants 21 years or older with all proceeds going to benefit the Wapakoneta Family YMCA Annual Support Campaign.</p><p> According to event organizer Melanie Schnippel, she and her mother Judy Dubois have worked on the Annual Support Campaign for many years and the benefits are clearly seen.</p><p> “My mom and I see the benefits of the program and were brainstorming on new and fun ways to raise money,” Schnippel said.</p><p> The final count of funds raised during the first pub crawl was tallied at $1,266 for the Annual Support Campaign, and event organizers hope to have another successful weekend.</p><p> The Annual Support Campaign works to support the Y by funding members who need assistance paying for the Y’s membership fees.</p><p> “The YMCA is a tremendous asset to so many in the community. They offer memberships to all individuals regardless of income,” she said. “While all members pay something the assistance the Y provides can mean the difference in a child being home alone after school or being in a caring environment with snacks, homework help and swimming.”</p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Tuesday, Aug. 19 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p><p> <br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHMICHELLE MEUNIERPub crawl to help YMCA campaignWapakoneta Daily track to greet elementary students2014-08-18T10:50:38-04:002014-08-18T10:50:38-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News Wapakoneta Elementary School students returning to class this week will notice a new addition to the school’s playground area.</p><p> A one-tenth mile concrete walking track was completed Aug. 7 after nearly a week of construction. Among other things, students will use the track to complete miles for the school’s walking club. In addition, students will be able to use the track during recess and teachers will have it available to them if they want to take their students out there during the school day.</p><p> WES Vice Principal Carrie Knoch said the benefits of the walking track are three-fold.</p><p> From an academic perspective, Knoch said taking a walk to clear their heads could benefit students who are working on a project or studying for a test.</p><p> “It allows you to come back with a different perspective and sometimes it becomes a little easier,” she said. “So if our kids get up and move occasionally it can be very good for them academically.”</p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Monday, Aug. 18 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p><p> <br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHNew track to greet elementary studentsWapakoneta Daily First winner gets shopping spree2014-08-18T10:48:58-04:002014-08-18T10:48:58-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News There was a shopping spree at Community Markets on Defiance Street on Sunday morning.</p><p> People First of Auglaize County, an advocacy group for disabled people, held a drawing recently, with the winner garnering 90 seconds of shopping. The winner was Monica Hudson, of St. Marys. Her husband Joe ran the shopping spree Sunday.</p><p> According to People First adviser Krystal Walters, of Wapakoneta, the group was at the Summer Moon Fest and at the fairgrounds from open to close each day of the 2014 Auglaize County Fair selling tickets for the 90-second spree. Tickets sold for $5 each, and they sold $1,075 worth of tickets.</p><p> The winner of the drawing was selected the Sunday a week after the fair.</p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Monday, Aug. 18 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p><p> <br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHTOM WEHRHAHNPeople First winner gets shopping spreeWapakoneta Daily two photo contests2014-08-18T08:16:04-04:002014-08-18T08:16:04-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span class="userContent">We have two contests left! Show off your photography skills in the category of architecture, due by 5 p.m. tonight. Use the final contest as an opportunity to display any theme of photo you have.</span></p>Wapakoneta, OHNo author availableFinal two photo contestsWapakoneta Daily health commissioner brings wealth of experience2014-08-16T10:49:57-04:002014-08-15T17:47:05-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">After graduating from Wapakoneta High School in 2000, Oliver Fisher, has found his way back to Auglaize County.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">Fisher assumed the role of Auglaize County health commissioner on Thursday, Aug. 14 and will be working with current commissioner Charlotte Parsons until she retires from the position at the end of the month.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">Previously working at Allen County Public Health in Lima, Fisher worked as a sanitarian in the environmental division since 2006.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">Before Fisher began working for Allen County Public Health, he studied at Adrian College in Adrian, Mich. where he earned his bachelor’s degree in environmental science. He then spent two years studying at Youngstown State University where he received his master’s degree in the same subject.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">Currently 32, Fisher said he is excited to move into his new position as the Auglaize County health commissioner.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">“I wanted to take this position because I have a great pride in this community and care for its public health,” Fisher said. “It is also a leadership role and I want to challenge myself. I want to guide the health department in a new direction toward improved connectivity with the community and promote public awareness of all the services the health department provides.”</span></p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Saturday, Aug. 16 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHMICHELLE MEUNIERNew health commissioner brings wealth of experienceWapakoneta Daily