The Daily Press Wapakoneta Daily News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-07-21T11:46:17-04:00 hope to inspire others2014-07-21T11:46:17-04:002014-07-21T11:46:17-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News Two astronauts with ties to Ohio came to Wapakoneta this weekend to help commemorate the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.</p><p> Active astronaut Suni Williams and former astronaut and space shuttle pilot Greg Johnson participated in several activities at this past weekend’s Summer Moon Festival, including an autograph signing, the Run to the Moon 5/10k and tours at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum. The pair signed about 150 separate awards for race winners, sent the runners off at the start of the race and welcomed them back at the finish line.</p><p> Williams and Johnson were also treated to lunch at Neil Armstrong’s former home, now owned by Karen Tullis.</p><p> Johnson, who is participating in the Summer Moon Festival for the third time, said Neil Armstrong was his boyhood hero.</p><p> "Neil Armstrong was truly my No. 1 inspiration,” Johnson said, “so when I got the opportunity to get involved with this museum it was so meaningful to me.”</p><p> Williams said she was excited to step foot in the town where Neil Armstrong grew up.</p><p> “It’s very much an honor to be here,” she said. “I hope I’m following a little bit in his footsteps.”</p><p> This past weekend was Williams’ first time in Wapakoneta. On Thursday, she attended the downtown portion of the festival and participated in a contest where participants competed to see who could hold a full mug of beer the longest.</p><p> “It was pretty hard,” she said. “I think I lasted about two minutes.”</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Monday, July 21 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHAstronauts hope to inspire othersWapakoneta Daily dogs, space robot spell success2014-07-21T11:43:26-04:002014-07-21T11:43:26-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News A local who has worked at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum for four years has had a peak into the workings of the Wapakoneta Summer Moon Festival, but, since she has lived in Wapakoneta for 40 years, she has seen the festival become what it is today.</p><p> Bonnie Adair, employee at the museum, said she took her children to the festival on occasion in its earlier years, as a “fun thing to do and a place to go.”</p><p> “They kind of combined the two (festivals) and put it together,” Adair said. “It used to be one was down here, one was downtown. I don’t think it was as unified as it is now. Of course, it was the anniversary of the walk on the moon that started the celebration, and then the hometown heritage with the Indian heritage that we have, so it kind of combined.”</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Monday, July 21 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHBRITTANY POWELLWiener dogs, space robot spell successWapakoneta Daily Museum to host selection of ‘space’ animals2014-07-18T23:14:27-04:002014-07-18T23:14:27-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News As part of the Armstrong Air and Space Museum portion of the Summer Moon Festival, a special presentation featuring species of animals who have gone into space will be presented at the museum Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.</p><p> A representative from the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton will be bringing a variety of animals to discuss how they played a role in space experiments over the years and how they continue to help researchers.</p><p> Although the animals themselves have not actually been in space, many of the species that will be presented have “ancestors” who were part of the space program.</p><p> “The Boonshoft Museum will bring a variety of animals they have in their live animal collection that are representative of animals that have been in space,” Armstrong Air and Space Museum Director Christ Burton said.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Saturay, July 19 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p><p> <br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHArmstrong Museum to host selection of ‘space’ animalsWapakoneta Daily dinners and brew kick off festival2014-07-18T11:36:01-04:002014-07-18T11:36:01-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News The 2014 Summer Moon Festival kicked off Thursday with chicken dinners and a toast using a lager similar to one brewed in Wapakoneta in the 1800s.</p><p> This year’s festival chairman Brian Schlosser raised a cup of Old Vienna-style beer, known in the past as “Lunar Lager,” and welcomed everyone to the festival.</p><p> “Good evening ladies and gentleman, thank you all for coming down here this evening and I hope you all enjoy yourself as we have a wide array of events this year,” Schlosser said. “I’d like you all to raise your glasses and join me in a toast. Cheers.”</p><p> The vienna-style lager used in the toast was brewed by Akron-based Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, who makes it exclusively for the Summer Moon Festival. Schlosser said as far as he knows, the company only brews this type of beer to be used as samples at its brewery and for the summer moon festival.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Friday, July 18 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHChicken dinners and brew kick off festivalWapakoneta Daily strikes Mercy Unlimited, found in flipped vehicle2014-07-18T10:08:17-04:002014-07-18T10:08:17-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News After striking the front window of Mercy Unlimited building downtown Wapakoneta, a driver fled and was later located by officers in a flipped vehicle at the intersection of Willipie Street and Krein Ave., Wapakoneta, at 2:26 a.m. today.</p><p> According to the Wapakoneta Police Department report, officers had to extract the driver, Nicholas George, 36, of Lima, from the vehicle because it had come to rest on its top. George was transported to Lima Memorial Hospital by Wapakoneta Rescue Squad for possible injuries.</p><p> Officers were originally dispatched to Mercy Unlimited in regard to the vehicle, a green Chevrolet Z28, striking the building and attempting to leave. Value of damage to the building has yet to be determined.</p><p> Officers are still investigating the cause of the accident on Willipie Street. On arrival, the vehicle was found flipped and still running with heavy damage. George was the only occupant.</p><p> Alcohol was indicated as factor in the crash. George refused a test. He was cited for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and reasonable control.</p>Wapakoneta, OHBrittany PowellDriver strikes Mercy Unlimited, found in flipped vehicleWapakoneta Daily Foor crowned Queen2014-07-17T10:35:42-04:002014-07-17T10:34:57-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">Self-expression, beauty and creative talents took the stage at the Miss Summer Moon Scholarship Pageant 2014, where the queen's crown and title was passed on to this year's pageant winner.</span></p><p class="p3"> The crown for the 2014 Miss Summer Moon Scholarship pageant was awarded to Senior Sara Foor, 17, the daughter of Anita and Mike Foor. </p><p class="p3"> 2013 Miss Summer Moon Jocelyn Campbell, 19, daughter of Terry and Tami Campbell, crowned Sara and gave her a supportive hug in front of the audience at the Performing Arts Center in Wapakoneta.</p><p class="p3"> The Miss Summer Moon Queen was also awarded "Miss Photogenic." </p><p class="p3"> Sara was awarded the $1,000 scholarship, which she said will be of good use in her plans of pursuing a degree after she graduates high school. Sara said she wants to major in early childhood education and is currently deciding between colleges.</p><p class="p3"> She said she plans to keep music, her focus in the pageant, a main focus in her life.</p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Thursday, July 17 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHBRITTANY POWELLSara Foor crowned QueenWapakoneta Daily’s calling leads to Wapakoneta2014-07-17T10:32:27-04:002014-07-17T10:32:27-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">After nearly 30 years as both an accountant and a teacher, Pastor Neil Brady finally answered the call to the ministry — a calling Brady said he has felt since he was a child.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s2">“My calling started when I was a kid, but when I got older and my wife and I got married, there always seemed to be an excuse not to do it,” Brady said. “I finally decided to ‘jump off the cliff’ so to speak and just go for it. It’s what I should have done years ago.”</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s2">The 58-year-old Brady was recently named the new pastor at First English Lutheran Church in Wapakoneta, replacing Pastor Steve Nelson, who had been at the church for about 18 years.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s2">Brady’s first worship service was July 6, and this Sunday he will be officially ordained and installed into the church.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s2">Describing his journey to First English Lutheran as “coming home,” Brady said he’s felt very comfortable at his new church.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s2">“Once you become a pastor of a church the congregation becomes your home church, and that takes on a whole lot of meaning,” he said. “I’m not just a pastor, I’m now part of this family and they’ve welcomed me with open arms.”</span></p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Thursday, July 17 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHMan’s calling leads to WapakonetaWapakoneta Daily park is for the dogs2014-07-17T10:28:07-04:002014-07-17T10:28:07-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">As far as the city’s concerned, we have a dog park.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">Boy Scout Travis Rohrbach of Troop 14, whose Eagle Scout project was designed to delight Wapakoneta’s four-legged residents and their two-legged companions, said Tuesday that the park is “functionally complete.”</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">“Everything is done, except for the water line that the city says they will install this week,” Rohrbach said, adding that the city has officially signed off on the project as complete.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">Rohrbach had planned on planting trees before the official opening, but he has since found out that planting trees in the summer is not a good idea. The trees will have to wait until fall.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">According to Rohrbach, the park, located just north of the intersection of West Auglaize Street and Herbstritt Court, covers about 2 acres. The facility is separated into a large dog area, a small dog area and an entryway. Features include a waste station and the future watering station.</span></p><p class="p3"> <em>For the full story, see the Thursday, July 17 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHTOM WEHRHAHNNew park is for the dogsWapakoneta Daily students enjoy the sights2014-07-16T10:17:37-04:002014-07-16T10:17:37-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News Although the German exchange students have been in the U.S. for a mere two days, they have not wasted any time before immersing themselves in American culture.</p><p> The Wapakoneta Sister Cities student visit 2014 began with a welcome picnic on Sunday and a trip to Cedar Point on Monday, leaving time to get familiar with Wapakoneta on Tuesday.</p><p> Chaperone Ulrike Schlamann said this is her first visit to Wapakoneta.</p><p> “So far, I love the city,” Ulrike said. “We are only here for two days, but I love the weather. The weather is great. We don’t have temperatures like these in Germany.”</p><p> Ulrike said she got sun burnt on their trip to Cedar Point on Monday, noting that she loved the theme park. Another aspect to American culture that was a popular topic of conversation was the food.</p><p> “The food is delicious,” Ulrike said, noting that they ate pizza yesterday and have visted Subway and Denny’s during their recent travels.</p><p> Ulrike said she is looking forward to the rest of the program, which will keep the group busy for the next three weeks.</p><p> “The people are great,” Ulrike said. “They offer so much. They are so nice. They offer us so many different possibilities, Cedar Point, our whole program.”</p><p> Wapakoneta Sister Cities member Dave Moon volunteered to drive the students around town to their activities on Tuesday. Activities included trips to the Wapakoneta Police Department, Wapakoneta High School, Wapakoneta Family YMCA and the WaterPark.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Wednesday, July 16 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHBRITTANY POWELLGerman students enjoy the sightsWapakoneta Daily names choice for health chief2014-07-16T10:13:54-04:002014-07-16T10:13:54-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News The Auglaize County Health Department announced the individual who will be named the new Auglaize County Health Commissioner after a regular board meeting Tuesday.</p><p> New Health Commissioner Oliver N. Fisher, M.S., R.S., is set to begin in mid-August, as current Health Commissioner Charlotte Parson’s final day is Friday, Aug. 29.</p><p> Parsons said Fisher has worked as a registered sanitarian at Allen County Public Health in Lima since 2006. He graduated from Wapakoneta High School and has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from Adrian College and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies from Youngstown State University.</p><p> “The Board of Health was impressed with Mr. Fisher’s experience and understanding of local public health activities through his work in Allen County, as well as his strong work ethic, communications skills and leadership capabilities,” Parsons said. “They also appreciate his enthusiasm for the mission of public health and his willingness to work with our employees to effectively bring services to Auglaize County residents.”</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Wednesday, July 16 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHBRITTANY POWELLBoard names choice for health chiefWapakoneta Daily