The Daily Press Wapakoneta Daily News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-07-28T11:34:07-04:00 mars day 12014-07-28T11:34:07-04:002014-07-28T11:34:07-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News A man was injured at the show barn at the Auglaize County Fairgrounds during a steer show around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 27.</p><p> Wapakoneta Fire Department and Buckland Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fairgrounds on the report of an adult male injury.</p><p> No further details regarding the injury were available.</p><p> The steer show went on as as scheduled following a rain delay.</p><p> The rain also canceled the motorcycle stunt show and delayed the Truck vs. Truck Pull.</p>Wapakoneta, OHStaff reportsInjury mars day 1Wapakoneta Daily celebrates 75th year2014-07-28T11:32:53-04:002014-07-28T11:32:53-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News A local organization advocating for disabled veterans is celebrating its 75th year, a milestone representing community members’ efforts to continue honoring the individuals who have sacrificed for their country.</p><p> Disabled American Veterans Chapter 73 received an award for their 75th year of service at the state convention held in June in Columbus.</p><p> “It’s a privilege that we’ve been able to maintain our status as a DAV organization in Auglaize County,” DAV Commander Larry James said. “We were chartered here in Auglaize County 75 years ago, and we’re still going strong.”</p><p> James said the DAV  helps veterans receive assistance with disabilities, including covering medical costs, including prescriptions, clinic fees, operations, etc.</p><p> “We help these people fill out the applications and then send them to a national service office, and they help process the claims,” James said. “Our goal, really, is to help the younger vets and to make sure that they get all the benefits that they need from serving, especially if they’re disabled.”</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Monday, July 28 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHBRITTANY POWELLDAV celebrates 75th yearWapakoneta Daily fountain proposed2014-07-28T11:31:07-04:002014-07-28T11:31:07-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News In a recent meeting with the Streets and Alleys Committee, Wapakoneta resident Kristin Doll proposed that a fountain be constructed at the intersection of W. Auglaize Street, W. Mechanic Street and Hamilton Road as a way to enhance the green space that will be created during the W. Auglaize Street Reconstruction Project.</p><p> As part of the street project, W. Mechanic Street will be squared off so that it will face Hamilton Road directly, creating more of a 90 degree intersection as opposed to the curved intersection that exists currently.</p><p> “What that does is it creates an awkward, open space on the south side of West Auglaize and West Mechanic where the intersection will be squared off,” Doll said.</p><p> Currently the open space created by altering the intersection is meant to be a grassy area, but Doll thinks the space would make a perfect place for a fountain.</p><p> “We have gardens in similar areas around the city, but that takes maintenance and dedicated people to take care of it,” she said. “I don’t think the city necessarily has enough dedicated people to do so and I don’t think we need another garden, so I think the fountain would make an awkward space into a lively, attractive space for the community.”</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Monday, July 28 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHTriangle fountain proposedWapakoneta Daily Dog passes out from excitement to see owner2014-07-28T11:27:17-04:002014-07-28T11:27:17-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>Wapakoneta, OHNo author availableVIDEO: Dog passes out from excitement to see ownerWapakoneta Daily THE FOOTBALL FEVER: Eddie George on 2014 Buckeyes2014-07-28T08:10:34-04:002014-07-28T08:10:34-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>Wapakoneta, OHNo author availableVIDEO: THE FOOTBALL FEVER: Eddie George on 2014 BuckeyesWapakoneta Daily hit local motel2014-07-25T18:02:30-04:002014-07-25T18:02:30-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News Theft and vandalism at the Western Inn & Suites, Wapakoneta, resulted in more than $13,300 in missing or damaged property, according to the Wapakoneta Police Department.</p><p> Inn manager Gautam Amin, of Reynoldsburg, contacted police at 10:13 a.m. on Monday, July 21.</p><p> According to the report, Amine told officers that the crime could have occurred between the end of June to the beginning of July from the business located at 413 Apollo Dr., Wapakoneta.</p><p> Items taken include 26 window air conditioning units valued at $9,300. Also taken were televisions from 10 rooms, vanity faucets from 12 rooms, shower fixtures from 20 rooms, mounted hair dryers from 24 rooms and refrigerators from 20 rooms.</p><p> Significant dry wall damage was also reported. The report indicated that the business is now closed partially due to damage caused by missing items.</p><p> Police are still investigating the case.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Saturday, July 26 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHBRITTANY POWELLThieves hit local motelWapakoneta Daily plan: restore funding to communities2014-07-25T18:00:18-04:002014-07-25T18:00:18-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News Restoring funds to local governments and providing assistance to small businesses highlight Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald’s plan to improve Ohio’s economy, the candidate said Friday.</p><p> FitzGerald, who is running against Gov. John Kasich in the November election, said the governor cut the state’s Local Government Fund significantly, resulting in less money for local communities.</p><p> “The Local Government Fund plays a big part in how local communities survive,” FitzGerald said. “The governor cut that fund by 50 percent, and it continues to have enormous consequences for the average person in Ohio.”</p><p> FitzGerald said cutting the fund in half has forced communities to raise taxes and lay off firefighters and police officers.</p><p> Connie Wehrkamp, communications director for Kasich’s campaign, said FitzGerald’s claims of budget difficulties are inaccurate.</p><p> “Ohio’s improving economy is strengthening our communities,” Wehrkamp said in an email. “With more than 97 percent of Ohio’s counties, cities and villages reporting budget surpluses at the end of 2012, combined local government revenues on track to increase $624.7 million since 2010, and police and fire jobs on the rise for the first time since 2008, Ed’s claims of widespread budget difficulties ignore the facts.”</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Saturday, July 26 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHFitzGerald plan: restore funding to communitiesWapakoneta Daily leading to the Philippines2014-07-25T17:58:25-04:002014-07-25T17:58:25-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News With trust in her faith and determination in her mission, a local woman is planning a mission trip to the Philippines to help the people she says have become her family.</p><p> Katie Westcott, of Wapakoneta, will be traveling to General Santos City on Mindanao Island in the Philippines in May 2015. How she started on her journey to the Philippines was unexpected, she said, and she has made the decision based on her faith — and a little help from YouTube.</p><p> The video “Rooftops” by YouTube sensations Aldrich Talonding and James Bucong made an impression on Westcott.</p><p> “One of their songs just stunned me — the talent that he had — and I could just feel his love for God in the way he sang,” Westcott said.</p><p> Westcott said she felt obligated to leave a prayer in the “comments” section.</p><p> “I left a prayer blessing them and their mission and their family and their land,” Westcott said, noting how she did not expect a reply. “I was one of like 37,000 people at that time that had commented.”</p><p> Westcott said the prayer opened up communication between the performer’s sister Ching Bucong in January.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Saturday, July 26 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHBRITTANY POWELLFaith leading to the PhilippinesWapakoneta Daily preps for new season2014-07-25T10:44:16-04:002014-07-25T10:44:16-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News ADA — Ohio Northern University played host to the Wapakoneta High School marching band this week as they prepare for the upcoming season.</p><p> For 24 seniors this camp is the beginning of the end to their marching band careers, and the six senior officers plan to make the most of the time they have left together.</p><p> The officers are Jill Mullenhour, alto saxophone, Neal Maxson, alto saxophone, Erin Engle, clarinet, Alyssa Ruck, trumpet, Mo Howard, alto saxophone and Courtney Mosgrove, piccolo.</p><p> With the direction of Klayton Hilleary and Steven Wimmers, the officers plan to use this week to get to know the underclassmen, celebrate tradition and come together as one.</p><p> Hilleary explained that during camp the kids go from about 6:30 a.m. to 8 or 9 p.m. with three one hour meal breaks and an hour and a half of free time.</p><p> “We work with the best kids in the school, that’s the way we look at it,” Hilleary said. “These kids come out here and give it their all. With that many hours in the day we don’t hear many complaints.”</p><p> For Howard, coming together is one of the things he looks forward to most about the week-long camp 10 hour days.</p><p> “I like the feeling of unity,” Howard said. “Coming to camp and doing all of this stuff, it kind of knocks everybody down, not in a bad way, but we are all working hard, we’re all doing the same stuff, we’re all sweating, all of our feet hurt and in that hard work we all kind of bond. We work together to get better and it makes for a better show and makes for a better season. I love that feeling, just of being together.”</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Friday, July 25 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHMICHELLE MEUNIERBand preps for new seasonWapakoneta Daily‘Outstanding Teen’ spreads hope to others2014-07-25T10:41:58-04:002014-07-25T10:41:58-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News A Wapakoneta freshman plans on using her new title “Miss Lake Festival Outstanding Teen 2014” to spread awareness about a cause she holds near to her heart.</p><p> MacKenzie Lange,14, was crowned Monday as Miss Lake Festival Outstanding Teen 2014 during the Miss Lake Festival Pageant in Celina. MacKenzie said she enjoyed participating in the “supportive, community environment” that the pageant created, and she is looking forward to using her title to be a role model to youth.</p><p> “I’m super excited, and having the title will give me a lot of mechanisms to speak to people about my platform, which is teen depression and suicide awareness,” MacKenzie said.</p><p> MacKenzie said seeing friends struggling with depression is what inspired her to take action. She hopes to talk to 7th grade students about the risks of teen depression.</p><p> “Suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents age 15-24, so I think just getting it out there at that age because that’s when anxieties and stuff like that start for them.”</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Friday, July 25 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHBRITTANY POWELL‘Outstanding Teen’ spreads hope to othersWapakoneta Daily