The Daily Press Wapakoneta Daily News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-07-23T10:19:04-04:00 man a triple threat2014-07-23T10:19:04-04:002014-07-23T10:19:04-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News After learning, training and persevering at the Dance Centre of Wapakoneta, a local young man is working toward becoming a true triple threat; an actor, dancer and singer.</p><p> Renni Magee, 19, of Lima, spent about seven years of his life as a male member at the Dance Centre, and where his skills and training have taken him already is sure to impress; however, for Magee, it all did not start here in Ohio, the story begins in Denver, Colo.</p><p> “I was definitely about three or four and I watched a lot of Michael Jackson,” Magee said. “We had this VHS and it was like Michael Jackson’s greatest music videos and I would watch it all the time and that was really why I wanted to start dancing, because of that inspiration.”</p><p> Magee remembers his first dance at Michelle Latimer’s Dance Academy where he was originally considered too young to do the competition shows, but he was one of the only males the studio had at the time.</p><p> “They thought I was very experienced in terms of what I could do for not having any training for that amount of time, so they put me in,” Magee said. “I remember the first dance, it was ‘The Doctor is in” by James Brown, and I would come out on the stage on a bed, I’d jump off of the bed and I’d start dancing with all of the girls. I thought it was cool, I was like, ‘I’m in a room with all of these girls!’”</p><p> Although entertaining has always been a large part of Magee’s life, he did go through the typical dream professions.</p><p> “There were times that I was like every other kid, I wanted to be a super spy, I wanted to be a secret agent, i wanted to be all of those things,” Magee said. “It wasn’t until actually very recently, within the last five or six years, that I was like you know, this is what I want to do.”</p><p> After moving to Ohio, the Magee family left the decision up to Renni to find the dance studio he wanted to join.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Wednesday, July 23 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br /> <br />  <em>Read the Thursday, July 24 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News to find out just what other doors opened for Renni Magee.</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHMICHELLE MEUNIERLocal man a triple threatWapakoneta Daily board approves contracts2014-07-23T10:16:29-04:002014-07-23T10:16:29-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News The Wapakoneta City Schools Board of Education approved the supplemental contracts of three coaches and several advisers, as well as the employment of one regular staff member and one substitute teacher at a regular board meeting Tuesday night.</p><p> Pending completion of all educational requirements and verification of documentation, Kathleen Pellington will be hired as the new music teacher at Wapakoneta High School. Pellington will be replacing former music teacher, Tim Smith. WCS Superintendent Keith Horner said Pellington should be the final regular staff member hired for the 2014-15 school year.</p><p> The board approved the employment of Joe Bender as substitute teacher for the 2014-15 school year, pending satisfactory completion of a criminal records check.</p><p> Also approved by the board were the supplemental contracts of Mike Klock and Darrell Heintz as girls tennis coaches and Brittany Egbert as head volleyball coach.</p><p> The supplemental contract for flag corps adviser Kim Mertz was approved, as well as the contracts for several other school activity advisers for clubs such as quiz bowl, art club, drama, student senate and yearbook, among others.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Wednesday, July 23 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHSchool board approves contractsWapakoneta Daily entrance planned as Eagle project2014-07-23T10:15:06-04:002014-07-23T10:15:06-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News Just as one Eagle Scout project — Travis Rohrbach’s Wapak Dog Park — is wrapping up, another appears on the horizon.</p><p> Alex Stinebaugh, from Wapakoneta Boy Scout Troop 14, is planning a sign and flagpole feature to adorn the entranceway to Breakfast Optimist Park on Water Street.</p><p> Stinebaugh said he begin planning the project a few months ago and has some seed money thanks to a small endowment left by his grandmather especially designated for the project.</p><p> “She passed away recently and was a veteran, so she wanted to help,” Stinebaugh said.</p><p> Still, Stinebaugh will be planning fundraiser to help with the project’s cost, which he estimates to be about $3,000.</p><p> “We’ll have a pulled-pork dinner,” Stinebaugh said, adding that details have yet to be worked out.</p><p> The plan includes two brick pillars flanking a sign for the park and a flagpole at the apex of the triangle. The project will be lit so the flag will not have to be raised or lowered each day.</p><p> Stinebaugh, 16, estimates the project will take two months to complete.</p><p> Although he has created a preliminary design, he said that may change depending on how the rules for signage apply to the project.</p>Wapakoneta, OHTOM WEHRHAHNPark entrance planned as Eagle projectWapakoneta Daily to bite power rate bullet2014-07-22T10:52:08-04:002014-07-22T10:52:08-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News While the City Council’s Utilities Committee discussed passing the state-mandated kilowatt hour tax onto customers, and the city continues effort to get “First to the Moon” representation on the Bellefontaine Street I-75 overpass falls on deaf ears at ODOT, one city councilman says he’s noticed a trend of inaction on the part of the city administration.</p><p> At-Large Councilman Randy Fisher told councilors that his committee is recommending that the kilowatt hour tax be passed onto users. In the past, at least since the 1980s, according to Safety-Service Director Bill Rains, the tax has been paid out of any profits form the electric fund.</p><p> According to Fisher, the increase to users would amount to $3 to $5 per month.</p><p> Committee member and Third-Ward Councilwoman Bonnie Wurst, the change would benefit the general fund.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Tuesday, July 22 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHTOM WEHRHAHNConsumers to bite power rate bulletWapakoneta Daily sets goals for 2014-15 school year2014-07-22T10:49:38-04:002014-07-22T10:49:38-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News WAYNESFIELD —  The Waynesfield-Goshen Board of Education announced it will emphasize student assessment proficiency, career exploration and financial stability as its three main goals for the 2014-15 school year at a regular board meeting Monday night.</p><p> The board affirmed a minimum of 80 percent of all student test takers will achieve at proficient or higher and 50 percent will achieve at accelerated or advanced on all state assessments.</p><p> “The state says 80 percent of all students should be proficient or higher on each assessment so we set that as a board goal,” W-G Superintendent Chris Pfister said. “Of course, we want students to attain higher levels, so we’d also like to have at least half our students be accelerated or advanced.”</p><p> Part of determining where students stand academically is by using specific local assessments, including formative, baseline and year end, to measure proficiency and student growth.</p><p> “What’s most important is that we are assessing students to determine where they’re at, what they’ve learned and what areas we need to focus on,” Pfister said.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Tuesday, July 22 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHBoard sets goals for 2014-15 school yearWapakoneta Daily bike crash leads to life flight2014-07-22T10:48:34-04:002014-07-22T10:48:34-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News A Bellefontaine man was life flighted to St. Rita’s Medical Center following a dirt bike accident at Pusheta Creek MX Park at 3:07 p.m. on Sunday, July 20, on  Winemiller Road, in Wapakoneta.</p><p> The man was reportedly riding the dirt bike when the throttle stuck open, causing the bike to accelerate leading to the crash.</p><p> According to the report, the bike flipped and landed on top of him. Bystanders were able to remove the bike allowing first responders access to the victim.</p><p> The man was conscious and communicating with paramedics. He was transported to St. Rita’s Medical Center by life flight.</p><p> The accident remains under investigation. Names were not released.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Tuesday, July 22 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHBRITTANY POWELLDirt bike crash leads to life flightWapakoneta Daily hope to inspire others2014-07-21T11:46:17-04:002014-07-21T11:46:17-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News Two astronauts with ties to Ohio came to Wapakoneta this weekend to help commemorate the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.</p><p> Active astronaut Suni Williams and former astronaut and space shuttle pilot Greg Johnson participated in several activities at this past weekend’s Summer Moon Festival, including an autograph signing, the Run to the Moon 5/10k and tours at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum. The pair signed about 150 separate awards for race winners, sent the runners off at the start of the race and welcomed them back at the finish line.</p><p> Williams and Johnson were also treated to lunch at Neil Armstrong’s former home, now owned by Karen Tullis.</p><p> Johnson, who is participating in the Summer Moon Festival for the third time, said Neil Armstrong was his boyhood hero.</p><p> "Neil Armstrong was truly my No. 1 inspiration,” Johnson said, “so when I got the opportunity to get involved with this museum it was so meaningful to me.”</p><p> Williams said she was excited to step foot in the town where Neil Armstrong grew up.</p><p> “It’s very much an honor to be here,” she said. “I hope I’m following a little bit in his footsteps.”</p><p> This past weekend was Williams’ first time in Wapakoneta. On Thursday, she attended the downtown portion of the festival and participated in a contest where participants competed to see who could hold a full mug of beer the longest.</p><p> “It was pretty hard,” she said. “I think I lasted about two minutes.”</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Monday, July 21 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHAstronauts hope to inspire othersWapakoneta Daily dogs, space robot spell success2014-07-21T11:43:26-04:002014-07-21T11:43:26-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News A local who has worked at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum for four years has had a peak into the workings of the Wapakoneta Summer Moon Festival, but, since she has lived in Wapakoneta for 40 years, she has seen the festival become what it is today.</p><p> Bonnie Adair, employee at the museum, said she took her children to the festival on occasion in its earlier years, as a “fun thing to do and a place to go.”</p><p> “They kind of combined the two (festivals) and put it together,” Adair said. “It used to be one was down here, one was downtown. I don’t think it was as unified as it is now. Of course, it was the anniversary of the walk on the moon that started the celebration, and then the hometown heritage with the Indian heritage that we have, so it kind of combined.”</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Monday, July 21 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHBRITTANY POWELLWiener dogs, space robot spell successWapakoneta Daily Museum to host selection of ‘space’ animals2014-07-18T23:14:27-04:002014-07-18T23:14:27-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News As part of the Armstrong Air and Space Museum portion of the Summer Moon Festival, a special presentation featuring species of animals who have gone into space will be presented at the museum Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.</p><p> A representative from the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton will be bringing a variety of animals to discuss how they played a role in space experiments over the years and how they continue to help researchers.</p><p> Although the animals themselves have not actually been in space, many of the species that will be presented have “ancestors” who were part of the space program.</p><p> “The Boonshoft Museum will bring a variety of animals they have in their live animal collection that are representative of animals that have been in space,” Armstrong Air and Space Museum Director Christ Burton said.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Saturay, July 19 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p><p> <br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHArmstrong Museum to host selection of ‘space’ animalsWapakoneta Daily dinners and brew kick off festival2014-07-18T11:36:01-04:002014-07-18T11:36:01-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News The 2014 Summer Moon Festival kicked off Thursday with chicken dinners and a toast using a lager similar to one brewed in Wapakoneta in the 1800s.</p><p> This year’s festival chairman Brian Schlosser raised a cup of Old Vienna-style beer, known in the past as “Lunar Lager,” and welcomed everyone to the festival.</p><p> “Good evening ladies and gentleman, thank you all for coming down here this evening and I hope you all enjoy yourself as we have a wide array of events this year,” Schlosser said. “I’d like you all to raise your glasses and join me in a toast. Cheers.”</p><p> The vienna-style lager used in the toast was brewed by Akron-based Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, who makes it exclusively for the Summer Moon Festival. Schlosser said as far as he knows, the company only brews this type of beer to be used as samples at its brewery and for the summer moon festival.</p><p> <em>For the full story, see the Friday, July 18 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em><br />  </p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHChicken dinners and brew kick off festivalWapakoneta Daily