The Daily Press Wapakoneta Daily News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-10-25T10:07:13-04:00 on the Redskins at 912014-10-25T10:07:12-04:002014-10-25T00:14:31-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily NewsThis happens to be a weekly routine, but only when the Redskins play at home, and a routine that has continued for over 52 years.You might have seen him with his World War II hat on cheering for the red and white and you might have even heard of him before because he happens to play a part in American history.His name is Lewis Swanbeck and he is a soon-to-be 92-year-old man who loves to watch his Redskins dominate on Friday nights.“I just like to go to the games because I’m a huge fan of the Redskins,” Swanbeck said. “I have my seat reserved and I’ve just been sitting there for years, somewhere around 52 or 53 years.”Wapakoneta, OHJake DowlingCheering on the Redskins at 91Wapakoneta Daily to spend near year in jail, repay $290K2014-10-25T10:07:13-04:002014-10-25T00:11:52-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News“There is no sentence I feel good about,” Pepple said to a sobbing Boeke. “On either side.”According to Auglaize County Prosecuting Attorney Ed Pierce, Boeke embezzled $194,004 from St. Augustine in Minster and St. Joseph in Egypt between Dec. 26, 2001, and May 28, 2013.Boeke served as director of religious education for both parishes for 19 years.“My primary goal is to make restitution and pay my debt to society,” Boeke said while fighting through the tears. “I would like to apologize to the court for being here, apologize to the staff of St. Augustine and St. Joseph for choosing to do wrong.”Boeke was originally charged with a third-degree felony and entered a plea of innocent but later entered her change of plea after reaching a negotiated plea agreement with the Auglaize County Common Pleas Court.Boeke was found guilty on two counts of theft, classified as felonies of the fourth-degree.The court ordered a pre-sentence investigation, which is added to the restitution, and as part of Boeke’s bond, she was ordered to check in with the Minster Police Department in person once a week, which her attorney said she has since honored.Wapakoneta, OHJake DowlingBoeke to spend near year in jail, repay $290KWapakoneta Daily and prizes at Halloween Parade2014-10-24T10:51:01-04:002014-10-24T10:51:01-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">Thursday night’s Halloween Parade in Wapakoneta brought out many gules and goblins on what turned out to be a beautiful evening. Many children dressed up for the costume contest hosted by the Chamber of Commerce but the various floats that participated in the parade are also just as impressive. The Auglaize County District Public Library’s float won the Grand Marshall’s Award for best slot in the parade, and DARE won the Mayor’s Award for best float. </span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">First-place winner in marching unit was Breakfast Optimist and the runner-up in that category was the VFW. First place in service organization was Spina Bifida Awareness, second place was Chained Eagles and third was the Apollo Career Center. </span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">First place for best business float was the Dance Centre, runner-up was Auglaize Acres, third was Minster Bank, fourth was Walmart and fifth was Busy B Realty. </span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">The best youth group float was the Art Club with Apollo Student Council being the runner-up. Uniopolis Browns finished third place and Auglaize County Special Olympics finished fourth. </span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">Lastly, in the best marching band category, hometown Wapakoneta High School won the top award, with Waynesfield-Goshen finishing as the runner-up and Botkins High finishing third.</span></p>Wapakoneta, OHJAKE DOWLINGFun and prizes at Halloween ParadeWapakoneta Daily fix yet for One Call glitch2014-10-24T10:48:13-04:002014-10-24T10:48:13-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">The cause of a malfunction in the One Call Now and text alert systems that left many parents in the Wapakoneta City School District wondering if school was canceled Thursday has not yet been identified, WCS Superintendent Keith Horner said. </span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">“We do not yet know what happened,” Horner said. “We’re looking into it, but we don’t have any guesses at this time.”</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">On Thursday morning, two separate alerts — one for an initial two-hour delay and another for a cancellation — were supposed to go out to every parent who has a child in the WCS District. </span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">One Call Now, an alert system the district uses to send out a recorded message when there is a delay or cancellation, malfunctioned, which meant many parents either did not receive a call or received it later than was intended. </span></p><p class="p3"> <em>For a complete story, see the Friday, Oct. 24 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHNo fix yet for One Call glitchWapakoneta Daily Stop plans to open soon2014-10-24T10:43:03-04:002014-10-24T10:43:03-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">Good service, good products and good prices.</span></p><p class="p3"> That’s what Speedy Mart convenience store owner Ricky Patel hopes to bring to Wapakoneta when he opens up shop on Nov. 1. </p><p class="p3"> “I make sure the customer is happy — that’s my philosophy,” Patel said. “If you’re happy and you leave with a smile, you’re gonna come back.”</p><p class="p3"> The store, which is located on 208 Defiance St., used to be known as the La Grande Zip Stop before it closed. In March, Patel purchased the location after hearing about it from customers he served while working at convenience stores in Piqua and Bellefontaine. </p><p class="p3"> “People told me this was a good community so I figured I would start out here,” he said. “I think it’ll work out good.”</p><p class="p3"> <em>For a complete story, see the Friday, Oct. 24 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHZip Stop plans to open soonWapakoneta Daily preps for Wapaween2014-10-23T11:16:17-04:002014-10-23T11:16:17-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">As part of “WapaWeen” — Wapakoneta’s first ever 10-day long Halloween celebration — members of the Wapakoneta Antique and Specialty Shops (WASS) will be offering discounted prices to customers who stop in this weekend.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">The sale is called “Bargains on the BOO-levard,” and several downtown shops will be participating in this inaugural event.  </span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">At Casa Chic, Halloween items will be 30 percent off and many other items throughout the store will be 20 percent off. The sale will run this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.</span></p><p class="p3"> <em>For a complete story, see the Thursday, Oct. 23 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHJOHN BUSHDowntown preps for WapaweenWapakoneta Daily holds on to dream to sing on TV2014-10-23T11:12:11-04:002014-10-23T11:12:11-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">Do you have the talent to be on the show, “America’s Got Talent?” Wapakoneta resident Susan Morgan believes she has the talent to be in front of a handful of celebrities and a live audience all on primetime television as she auditions one more time in Chicago in January.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">And if she passes the test, you will see her on television.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">“I’ve always said that before I turn 80, I want to be on that show,” Morgan, 71, said. “Well I used to watch that show all the time and some people have told me that I’m really good, and you have to be really good in order to make it on that show. So then I thought, ‘well I’ll be darn, I think I’m going to try it.’ I’ve been singing ever since I was four and I thought this was a good idea.”</span></p><p class="p3"> <em>For a complete story, see the Thursday, Oct. 23 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHJAKE DOWLINGWoman holds on to dream to sing on TVWapakoneta Daily donates hair to cancer fight2014-10-23T11:06:23-04:002014-10-23T11:06:23-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">Children in Botkins wore caps to raise money for the Kids for Caps Foundation, a charity that donates hats to children with cancer, and in Wapakoneta, a massage therapist took classes over the summer to help give cancer patients massages while they are battling the effects of cancer.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">Now another person has joined the fight against cancer, but this time she is donating a piece of herself for a great cause.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">Kloie Rogers, a 12-year-old sixth grader from Botkins, donated eight inches of her hair to cancer patients on Tuesday night.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">“She’s only ever gotten her hair trimmed and she’s 12 years old so her hair has gotten quite long,” said Dustee Rogers, Kloie’s mom. “Her hair is a good 20 inches long and tonight (Tuesday) she decided she was going to have it cut and have it donated. It’s probably midway down her back.”</span></p><p class="p3"> <em>For a complete story, see the Thursday, Oct. 23 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHJAKE DOWLINGGirl donates hair to cancer fightWapakoneta Daily visit from the Ghost Professor2014-10-22T10:59:52-04:002014-10-22T10:59:52-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">Do ghosts exist, and if they do, what do they look like?</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">That question was answered Tuesday night when the Auglaize County Public Library hosted its first event during WapaWeen with the presentation from John Kachuba, the “Ghost Professor.”</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">Kachuba, a paranormal author, travels to haunted places around the state. Many people contact him and tell him to come out to their place to see if it is indeed haunted.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">With an audience of 45 to 50 people in attendance for the event, Kachuba shared a few places that he has been to personally.</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">“All these places that are considered haunted are all open to the public, Kachuba said. “If you want to take your kids to these places, feel free to do that, the people operating these places will be more than happy to tell you their story.”</span></p><p class="p3"> <span class="s1">“I have personally gone through these places,” he said. “Some of what I wrote in my books is from my own experiences and from experiences from people that work there on a regular basis such as security guards. It’s all pretty interesting.”</span></p><p class="p3"> <em>For a complete story, see the Wednesday, Oct. 22 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHJAKE DOWLINGA visit from the Ghost ProfessorWapakoneta Daily loss drives need for levy2014-10-22T10:55:51-04:002014-10-22T10:55:51-04:00Copyright 2011 Wapakoneta Daily News <span style="font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.25em;">BUCKLAND — Money concerns continue to plague the Village of Buckland, where spending has been cut and council has taken on a watch-every-dollar attitude.</span></p><p class="p3"> That’s why they’re back with a levy proposal in front of voters in the Nov. 4 election.</p><p class="p3"> In previous months, the village has gone to a new accounting system and authorized line items to get better control of costs and expenses.</p><p class="p3"> <em>For a complete story, see the Wednesday, Oct. 22 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News</em></p>Wapakoneta, OHTOM WEHRHAHNRevenue loss drives need for levyWapakoneta Daily