Reader Interaction

What do you think about the Buckeye Farm Antiques group moving their events to Sidney this year?

The Buckeye Farm Antiques group and the Auglaize County Fairgrounds were at an impasse and could not reach an agreement for the BFA's events to be held at the fairgrounds. Now, the BFA has decided to move their events to the Shelby County Fairgrounds for 2016. What is your opinion of this decision?

Is there anything coming up in the midst of winter that you are looking forward to?

With winter having come in at full force with the cold and winter weather, is there anything keeping your spirits up that you are looking forward to? Are there any events you are looking forward to in the upcoming winter months?

What has been your experience with the recent winter weather this week?

According to recent weather, winter is now officially here, and once again comes the snowy, icy weather that winter brings. Have you had any difficulty with the weather so far? What has been your experience?

What are your New Years resolutions for 2016?

As 2016 begins many people make resolutions to improve themselves. Whether its improving themselves mentally or physically, what are your resolutions for the new year?

What is your favorite thing to snack on for New Years?

There are a number of different snacks and foods people love to devour for New Years celebrations, such as sauerkraut. What is your favorite New Years snack?

What's your favorite Christmas special on TV?

At this time of year, Christmas TV specials have been running for weeks. What is your favorite Christmas special?

How did you enjoy the recent warmer-than-usual weather?

The weather in December can be a toss up every year, but recently, the weather has been warmer than usual. What did you do this weekend to enjoy the balmy December temps?

How do you think the Children's Hometown Holiday went?

A flurry of activities and events took place this weekend with the Children's Hometown Holiday. How do you think everything went this year?

Which Children's Hometown Holiday event are you most looking forward to?

The Children's Hometown Holiday has a great lineup of events this year, and we want to know which event are you most looking forward to?

What are your travel plans for Thanksgiving?

Some travel away for Thanksgiving and some stay at home to celebrate. Are you going to visit family away or visiting with family that is nearby? What are your plans?