Two hotels face possible demolition

City Councilors were told Monday evening that two hotel properties near the junction of Interstate 75 and Bellefontaine Street have been put on notice and face possible demolition.

“The clock is ticking,” Mayor Rodney Metz said.

According to emails provided by the mayor from Superintendent of Engineering Mary Ruck, Western Inn, 413 Apollo Drive, was sent a letter on Aug. 1 referencing the “Dangerous Building Code” and an outdated state permit to rehab a portion of this structure, and also stated that there is a citation with the State Fire Marshall for this property. According to the email, the owner has until Sept. 15 to rectify the situation or face an order to raze the building.

The email also states that a letter was sent on June 24 to Hamilton Inn & Suites, also referencing the code and stating the owner planned to turn the property into a Holiday Inn. According to the email, the owner has until Oct. 24 to comply.

For the full story, see the Tuesday, Aug. 19 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.