Tax hike proposal clears city council

Managing Editor

The additional one half percent to the city’s income tax passed its first hurdle Tuesday night as council heard third reading and passed a resolution on the measure.

The resolution declares the necessity to levying an additional tax on income at the rate of one half percent in addition to the one percent currently being levered and collected. The resolution is required to move the issue before electors in May. The final version passed Tuesday states that the levy, if passed, would provide funds that will be restricted in their use to paving streets, replacing curbs and gutters and providing an adequate base for the roadways.

Previous discussions in council meetings and with the public have led to a consensus that funds from the levy may not be used for utility work.

With the resolution passed, Clerk of Council Terry McDonald and Law Director Dennis Faller will work with the county elections board to draft official ballot language. The city administration will form a committee to lead the campaign to get the levy passed.

See Wednesday's paper for the full story.