Stuck truck raises project concerns

When the residents of the 800 block of West Auglaize Street look out into their backyards they’re privy to a large eyesore —  that is seemingly hidden to the public — due to the work being done with the city’s south interceptor sewer project.

For West Auglaize Street residents John and Doris Sheipline, the sight they saw Thursday morning left them with an uneasy feeling in their stomachs.

On Thursday morning, a semi-truck came up along the Auglaize River to drop off materials to be used for the project. While making the drop off the truck made a loop in the backyard, and according to John Sheipline, the trailer on the left side went down.

“It has been raining, and those tires, when they start digging in they just go down,” Sheipline said. “There he was. He was stuck.”

The problem residents like the Sheipline’s are having is the possibility of their land not being restored to its proper condition.

Mayor Rodney Metz promised at previous council meetings that all properties of those who signed agreements to allow easements for the project would be returned to their previous condition or better.

“Where the bad feeling came up is when the electric company went through, they got an easement from us and they said it (his property) would be just like it was before,” he said. “It’s rough. They never cleaned it up, and then we get letters the city wants the easement for down there, and we didn’t sign because we don’t like the way the city handled the electric company.”

For the full story, see the Friday, Aug. 29 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.