Project overview, easements top sewer discussion

Mayor Rodney Metz provided an overview of the $30M West Auglaize Street sewer project Thursday evening and fielded questions from homeowners with properties affected by the fork.

“Our purpose tonight is to bring everybody up to speed,” Metz said.

Before Metz spoke, Safety-Service Director Bill Rains noted that, of the $30 million estimate, only $14 million has been spent so far.

Rains explained that the present system was designed in the 1950s with the philosophy that dilution was the solution to handling waste. Therefore, sanitary waste was diluted with water from storm water and everything went to the river.

In replacing the system, Metz explained that all present taps will be replaced and all residences will get a storm water tap. As with any project, some exceptions may be necessary.

“There will be a full-time inspector on site,” Metz said, “so we’ll be able to determine the best way to go forward. In many cases, tap location may have to be decided on site.”

For the full story, see the Friday, July 11 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.