Mayor looks to busy 2017

Managing Editor

Mayor Tom Stinebaugh says that, although City Council terms expire in 2017, he is focusing on the campaign to add an additional 1/2 percent to the city’s income tax.

Patrick McGowan, mayor of St. Marys, has offered to let Wapakoneta have literature and brochures that they used. They passed their levy a few years ago.
“He’s reaching out to us,” Stinebaugh said. ”I have a great relationship with him. If I need something, I can call him. Chad has a great relationship with (County Engineer) Doug Reinhart.

”We’re not afraid to ask people for help,” Stinebaugh said. “By the same token, we encourage them to ask us if we have something we need. Shared services, that’s saving money for everybody.”

Stinebaugh sees the need to get working on the levy campaign.

“We’re going to need to put a committee together very shortly for the levy campaign,” he said.
Word of mouth, Stinebaugh said, is going to be key.

“The best thing that will help us is positive comments from other citizens. I’m very optimistic that the levy is going to succeed. People see that the need is there. We need to reinvest with our streets.”

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