Five named to HoF

Stafff Writer
In 1936, the sport of baseball voted five players that would be the original inductees of the baseball hall of fame. While their names may not be as familiar as Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson or Walter Johnson, the five original members of the Auglaize County Educational Service Center (ESC) Alumni Hall of Fame are hoping to be measuring sticks that others are compared to with everything they have accomplished.
Mike Moore, Heather Myers, Jason Potter, Mary Wical and Sarah Wintzer were introduced at this year’s MD graduation as the hall of fame’s original members.
The five were awarded at the ESC graduation ceremony Thursday.
Allison Beard was the lone graduate in the class of 2012. A tribute video recalling many moments signified the highlights of her school career, and she celebrated by throwing her cap at the end of the ceremony. On the video, many of her classmates wished her good luck and bis her farewell.
Mike Moore of Wapakoneta graduated from the transition class in 1996. He has worked for Astro Lanes for 20 years and has participated in the Special Olympics for many years. He is perhaps most famous for bowling 9 sanctioned 300 games and has won many gold medals in local and state sanctioned bowling tournaments.
Moore said he was pretty excited about being part of the first hall of fame class.
“I was surprised,” he said.
Jason Potter of St. Marys graduated from the transition class in 2001. He has worked at Auglaize Industries and New Option. He is currently an employee at WCT and is the detail captain of the pit crew. He belongs to the Auglaize County Action Club, which he has previously served with as president and vice-president.
Mary Wical of Wapakoneta has won numerous medals in the Special Olympics inn swimming, bowling and track and field. She has logged almost 2,100 hours in the past eight years in the Auglaize County Transition Class, where she graduated in 2003. She works at Auglaize Industries one day a week and attends Capabilities Country Club two days per week.
Sarah Wintzer has worked at the Wapakoneta Best Western for the past six years in housekeeping. She works at Auglaize Industries three days per week.
Sarah has an active social life and is very proud of her home, which she has shared with a roommate for the past year and a half.
Heather Myers of St. Marys enjoys swimming and going to the library. She volunteers at the Auglaize County Dog Warden’s office, were she helps walk, feed and play with the animals, as well as helping clean up the kennels. She enjoyed getting to the point of living in her own home, supporting herself and being a contributing member of society.