Board mulls ranking change

Staff Writer

Wapakoneta Principal Scott Minnig proposed a change to how class rankings are calculated at Tuesday’s Wapakoneta City Schools Board of Education meeting.

Minnig said the proposal would change the percentages within the formula used to calculate a student’s class ranking. Currently, 50 percent of class rank is based on the student’s GPA; 25 percent on honors courses; 15 percent on ACT scores; and 10 percent on credits. The proposal would change the percentage based on ACT scores from 15 to 25 percent and the percentage based on honors courses from 25 to 15 percent.

“We feel like putting more credibility to the ACT score with the 25 percent as opposed to 15 would make our class rank a better representation of our student body and where they rank,” Minnig said. “It’s not a huge deal, we just feel like it would put a little more credibility and credence to the ACT and really make it a little more impactful.”

The proposed change would be phased in starting with the current freshmen, class of 2020, Minnig said.

Superintendent Keith Horner said the board will vote on the proposal at either its January or February regular meeting.

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