Board honors retirees

The Wapakoneta City Schools Board of Education honored three retiring staff members at its regular board meeting Tuesday night.

Bus driver Lori Huebner and cafeteria workers Sue Latham and Barb Naylor were recognized by the board for their years of service to the district.

Huebner, who had worked as a bus driver in the district for 19 years, was thanked by WCS Superintendent Keith Horner for getting students home safely for all those years.

“When you think about a bus driver’s duty, it really is a tremendous responsibility,” Horner said. “It’s one of the most difficult jobs we have in the district — to be able to keep one eye on the road and one eye on the kids.

“For all your service to our kids, I want to say thank you.”

WCS Director of Operations Mike Watt said he spent a lot of time with Huebner over the years, including many “heartfelt discussions” behind closed doors. He said he has enjoyed the time he spent working with her.

“Working professionally with Lori was very much an honor for me and I’m gonna miss you,” he said.

Retiring after 15 years as a cafeteria worker is Sue Latham. Horner said the fact that she always had a smile on her face made an impression on the students she came in contact with.

“You certainly worked hard and influenced our kids and served them very well,” he said. “You are someone who, in my mind, epitomizes a really good employee who does the job and does it very well.”

After 30 years in the cafeteria, including the past 12 years as cafeteria manager, Barb Naylor is retiring.

“I’m gonna miss everybody, I really am,” Naylor said.

Horner said he appreciated the fact that Naylor was able to feed between 1,000 and 1,100 students in a two-hour span every school day.

“You think about the job in organizing that — that’s pretty tremendous,” he said. “You also had to do it with all the regulations the government put on you with respect to dietary restrictions.”

Horner went on to say Naylor was one of those people who kept everybody loose and always had fun at her job.

Watt said Naylor didn’t always have an easy job and that he respected her opinion when she shared any issue she had with him.

“Barb had a tough job — to keep that staff together — it wasn’t always easy,” he said. “She shared a lot of days with me and her opinions always mattered.”

Wapakoneta High School Principal Scott Minnig also thanked Naylor for her service in a written response read by board member Brent Schwartz. He said she will truly be missed.

“When Barb was in the cafeteria, you knew you were going to have good food and be entertained at the same time,” he said. “She was an extremely hard worker who cared about our students.”

For the full story, see the Wednesday, Aug. 27 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.