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2013 Going Green


April 18, 2013

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LIMA — Live music, informational booths and environmental speakers will be featured at 13th annual Lima Earth Awareness Day celebration at the Faurot Park Pavilion from noon to 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 27. The event is free and open to the public.    This local event features a festival atmosphere where local musicians, solo and group performers, entertain along with the opportunity to hear and see envi-
Earth Day celebration scheduled
ronmental speakers and activists inform interested parties of issues and activities that encourages individuals to get involved to help protect our planet. The children’s
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H2O Gardens & Landscaping
Spring is finally here and at H2O Gardens & Landscaping we are ready to meet all of your needs. Whether it be a total re-do of your current landscape or just a sprucing up of your current look  at a fraction of the cost. We also welcome the do-it yourself gardener with a wide variety of products including the unique you won’t find at the box stores, and don’t forget we specialize in ponds and water features as well as our expanding gift area, so please stop by and see us at 1077 Shawnee Rd., Lima, Ohio 45805.  John, Megan,Mark,Derrick and the rest of our knowledgable staff look forward to seeing you and have a happy spring!
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Wapakoneta Daily News & The Evening Leader Thursday, April 18, 2013
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activity tent encourages children of all ages to learn about environmental action through hands on activities including gardening, recycling, and outdoor awareness. Scheduled to perform at this year’s event are the Bath Show Choir and Barber Shop Quartet, The Lima City School choirs, the, Blues Society’s Youth Blues Band, The Mad River Valley Dulcimer Society, local band Purple Overcoat and acclaimed folksinger Gusti. In her distinguished career, spanning half a century, folksinger Gusti has earned legendary stature in N.E. Ohio’s folk community. Acclaimed “The Grande Dame of folk music in Cleveland,” “magnificent,” and “an institution,” she continues to appear live, on recordings, and in the broadcast media. Art Space of Lima will be conducting interactive art projects in the Kid’s tent and the Northwest Ohio Film Festival will provide a short film presentation. In the informational tent, the Lisa Helm, from the Dayton Garden Station, will be discussing permaculture and creative reuse and members of the Lima-Allen County Neighbors in Partnership (LACNIP) will also be on hand to discuss improvement projects in the area. LACNIP’s mission is to improve safety and quality of life through neighborhood partnerships, individual action and advocacy. Speaking at the event will be Justin Richardson, biology teacher, will be discussing the Lima Senior High Garden and Mural project, and others from the information tent . Anytime Fitness instructor Cindy Caprella will be conducting
a zumba class around 1 p.m. For more than 10 years, Earth Day Awareness Lima has inspired and mobilized individuals and organizations to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability through independent action. We are
especially excited to welcome the Lima Senior High School Multiple Intelligence zoology students to this event. They will occupy the information tent to display and present their projects on individual environmental action. The first Earth Day in 1970 brought the en-
vironment into the national conversation with thousands paved the way for the Clean Air Act and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Earth Day Network wants Earth Day 2013 to get America talking about the many small, individual green acts that happen.
“Committed to the communities where we live and work.”
Wapakoneta Daily News & The Evening Leader Thursday, April 18, 2013
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so they will shade the east side of a home between 7 -11 a.m., and the west side of the home between 3-7p.m. Trees with a mature height of 25 feet should be planted 10 and 20 ft. east and west of the house. Reading the label on the tree will give you valuable information including the mature height and spacing needed. For winter wind protection, place evergreens upwind of the area you want to protect. This will usually mean planting on the west, northwest, or north side of the house. They should be planted in rows or groups so and close enough together so that the widest part of the trees meet in a few years without overcrowding. Again, the label should give you the information you need to assist in planting position. If you plant evergreens on the south side of your house, make sure plantings are far enough away from the house that it does not shade the house in the winter when sunrays will be important in heating. Plant your trees far enough from sidewalks and driveways to allow enough room for the crown of the tree to develop. One more thing we need to address is how to plant a tree. Here are a few steps. Purchase trees that are meant to be grown in your area from a reputable nursery. Select your sight. Dig a hole deep enough for the height of the root ball, but no deeper, and twice as wide as the width of the root ball. This will allow the roots to grow out from the root ball. The soil should be amended by adding up to 1/3 of the volume of organic matter to soil. Humus, aged manure, peat moss, or a combination would work. Place the tree in the hole, flaring the roots, and fill with your soil/organic matter mixture. Take a look at the tree. Is it straight? Does it look like a telephone pole coming out of the ground? If so, it may be planted too deep. You should see some root flare. Trees needs oxygen and water. Water thoroughly with a low to medium water pressure to settle the soil and assure the root ball is wet . The good and bad of mulching a tree: If your mulched tree looks like a toilet plunger, with a pile of mulch climbing up the trunk, you have too much mulch and your tree will suffocate. However, a 2-3” layer can help keep the soil moist, but keep it away from the trunk. Let your tree breathe. Trees have the ability to intercept rainfall, by their roots and leaves drinking in the water. The greater the size of the tree, the greater it contributes to storm water runoff. Trees remove CO2 from the air. Trees reduce ozone, nitrous, and sulfur oxides and particulate matter in the air. Trees save energy by shading structures, evaporating water, and reducing wind speed around structures. Plant a tree.
SAVING ENERGY by planting a tree
By Kathy Stemen
Advanced Master Gardener OSU Extension
Want to create a more comfortable environment in your home? Do you want a barrier from winter’s cold blast? How about saving money on utilities? Plant a tree. Actually plant the right trees in the right place. According to the U.S. Forest Service Center for Urban Forest Research, you can save up to 30% of energy with just three properly placed trees around a house. What type of trees? There are deciduous (trees that lose their leaves each fall) and evergreens. Both play a part in energy savings. Deciduous trees save energy by shading houses, paved areas, and air conditioners. Large and small evergreens save energy by slowing cold winds in the winter. They also provide shade but due to their height, and more slender profile, are more effective when the sun is not directly overhead. Both types of trees save energy in summer by cooling the air. Water evaporates from the leaf surfaces in the same way perspiration cools our skin in humans. Where to plant: For shade in the summer, place deciduous trees
EarthWeek Celebration
APRIL 22nd-27nd
During Earth Week OmniSource will pay RETAIL customers: • • • • Additional $5/Ton for scrap steel Additional 3¢/ LB for scrap aluminum Free Give-aways Sign up to win a 32” LED TV (one at each location) Donations will also be made to Agape Food Bank, St.Marys Meals Til Monday, Lima
1610 East 4th St., Lima, OH 800-419-3773 4575 County Rd, 33A, St. Marys, OH 800-419-0771
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(BPT) - Home is where the heart is. But it’s also a place where families can be more conscious of their energy use. While conserving energy helps save the planet, it also helps homeowners save money. According to Christine Ackerson, sustainability manager at LG Electronics USA, by adopting a green mindset and taking a few simple steps to be more eco-friendly, you’ll help preserve our planet’s resources and your budget. Reduce, reuse and e-cycle Phantom energy waste - the amount of energy plugged-in appliances and other electronics draw even when turned off - can add up. You can reduce phantom energy drain by unplugging appliances you don’t frequently use or installing power strips that can easily be turned off. -Remember to unplug your cell phone charger when not in use. And use motion sensing exterior lighting and timers so that electronics such as space heaters and fans don’t run longer than intended. The average consumer household has about 24 electronic products, according to the Consumer Electronics Association, and old or outdated electronics represent one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. Recycling electronic waste, or e-waste, such as cell phones, televisions and computers can save energy and scarce resources by reducing the amount of raw materials extracted from the earth, as well as preventing harmful
Wapakoneta Daily News & The Evening Leader Thursday, April 18, 2013
What happens to the Simple ways to save energy scrap metals collected at home in just minutes at B&G Recycling?
Once scrap metal is reclaimed, it is often mixed with other non-metal materials such as plastic or wood. In order to sort the metal from these other materials, it is generally shredded in a massive industrial shredding machine and then sorted. The sorting involves either magnetic processes or simply sifting processes. At the end of the sorting, the recycling opera-
tion is left with a nearly pure form of scrap metal. Then the metal enters a blast furnace that burns at extremely high temperatures. The furnace melts the metal into its molten (liquid) state. It can then be poured into molds for new products. Come celebrate Earth Day with us at B&G Recycling, just east of Cridersville at 17437 National Rd. We will be offering
special pricing throughout the week. We buy all grades of scrap metal, aluminum cans, brass & copper. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00a.m.-4:30p.m., closed for lunch noon12:30. Saturday open 8:00a.m. to noon. Thank you for helping us keep the world a cleaner, better place. Go Green!
Specialists in: Industrial Machinery Removal Rolloff Containers Available Buyer of: All Grades of Scrap Iron Industrial Machinery and Metals
Troy Green
17437 National Road Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895 Bus. 419-645-4464 Toll Free 1-888-288-4766 Fax 419-645-4488 • Dave Green
materials from ending up in the environment. For example, recycling one million laptops saves the energy equivalent of the electricity used by 3,657 homes each year in the U.S., according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.Recycling your old electronics is easy, and there are a number of resources to help. Manufacturers and retailers often offer recycling services or take-back programs - LG offers an online search tool at www.lgerecycling to find free drop off locations near you. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also offers online resources for safe e-waste disposal, or you can ask your local municipality if they offer e-waste collection programs. The waste, the washer and the wardrobe Doing laundry is a household necessity. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average household does 392 loads of laundry each year; that translates to 7.5 loads per week. Upgrading an old, inefficient washer can not only lead to water and energy savings, it can also mean cleaner clothes. Energy Star-qualified washers use about 20 percent less energy and
See ENERGY, Page 5
Wapakoneta Daily News & The Evening Leader Thursday, April 18, 2013
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The beauty of upcycling
(BPT) - Everything old is new again. At least that’s a simplistic take on the tenets of upcycling, which translates to giving renewed purpose to something others send to landfills. For consumers with a passion for doit-yourself projects, and the boards on Pinterest to prove it, upcycling has taken root. Some ideas are as simple as investing in a set of sharpies to transform ordinary cabinetry knobs into one-of-a-kind home accessories. Others require more time, as in creating a working chandelier from white plastic spoons. It’s a small step considering that Americans throw out enough disposable dinnerware to circle the equator 300 times, according to www. The Internet is littered with statistics estimating when our landfills will reach a tipping point. Other stats concentrate on the fact that trash must travel farther to meet its fate, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, individual states continue to consider putting in place stricter regulations for commercial businesses in order to save landfill space. In answer to the call for smarter manufacturing practices, many brands have found ways
See BEAUTY, Page 6
Separating your trash gives you an understanding of exactly what you throw away, helping you make better choices.
Energy From Page 4
35 percent less water than standard washers. Larger-capacity machines save energy because you can wash more clothes in fewer loads. One new “mega-capacity” washer from LG has the largest capacity in the industry at 5.1 cubic feet. Plus, it features a special turbo wash technology that saves up to 20 minutes per load. The “mega-capacity” washer also earned the “Energy Star Most Efficient” designation in 2013. This new program recognizes the most efficient products on the market.-Washers that earn this distinction can save consumers the equivalent of at least 68,000 bottles of water a year. A bright idea: LED bulbs When available, use natural lighting to light your home. On dark days and after sunset, light your home only in the areas you are using. When it comes to lights, one of the simplest yet most impactful ways to go green is to switch to LED light bulbs. They’re the most energy efficient option and last 10 times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs. A cool lighting option, LED bulbs do not use mercury, so you’re not putting extra toxins into landfills when the bulb does expire. W h e n shopping for new bulbs, look for the Energy Star label. If just one light bulb in every American home was replaced with an Energy Star bulb, we would save about $600 million in annual energy costs, plus save enough energy to light 3 million homes for an entire year! Go autopilot to heat and cool your home The energy used to heat and cool your home throughout the year can mean big utility bills. Adopt a green mindset and change the temperature just a few degrees
New & Us Bike ed s
and the savings will come naturally. Try adjusting your thermostat three or more degrees - you might not even feel a difference. During periods when you’re not in the home, adjust it even more. According to the Department of Energy, you can save as much as 1 percent for each degree by turning your thermostat back if the setback period is eight hours long. An easy way to control
your home’s temperature is to get a programmable thermostat. Put your home’s heating and cooling on autopilot by programming temperature settings for each day of the week. Depending on whether you’re home or away at work, you can set your seasonal preferences so your home maximizes energy conservation while keeping temperatures comfortable. Adopt these ideas
and you can make a difference in helping to address climate change and protect the planet, and also save money. Take the “Change the World, Start with Energy Star Pledge” at the Energy Star website,, and make a promise to make simple behavioral changes to make your home more energy efficient and preserve resources for future generations.
Windmill Aeration for Your Pond Uses No Electricity
Improve Your Pond!
Bottom aeration is the most important thing to do with pond water. Bottom aeration helps to get rid of bottom gasses and de-stratifies water. Electric Aerators, Fountains, Ornamentals, Pond Filters
Don’t Buy New! when “We Re-do!”
New and Re-newed Home & Garden Decor
We consign great pieces at great prices
• Great aerobic workout • • Great for any age •
116 Fayette St., Celina, OH
J.L. Becker Co.
15286 St. Rt. 67 • Wapakoneta, OH 45895 419-738-3450 •
109 W. Auglaize • Wapakoneta Mon. - Fri. 10 to 6 / Sat. 10-5 / Sun. 1 to 5
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Wapakoneta Daily News & The Evening Leader Thursday, April 18, 2013
Give your home a true green cleaning this spring
When you clean your house in the spring, you really want it to be clean. Dirt, dust and germs are banned, and all appliances, floors and walls are scrubbed clean. But is your house really clean, or have you traded dirt and germs for caustic and toxic chemicals found in most conventional cleaning products? Whether you’re shopping for prepared natural cleaning solutions or making your own, keep in mind that the word “aromatherapy” is now being applied to everything scented - from dishwashing liquid to laundry detergent. The true practice of aromatherapy relies on using pure essential oils extracted from plants. These natural plant essences nurture us on mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual levels. Essential oils have potent antimicrobial effects along with their clean, pleasant natural aromas. Here are a few “classic” homecare essential oils suggested by the experts at the leading aromatherapy company, Aura Cacia: lemon (clean, sweet, uplifting scent; deodorizing), peppermint (minty, fresh; air purifier; mild pest repellent), eucalyptus and tea tree (air and surface sanitizers; fresh, therapeutic aromas). For more information and eco-friendly cleaning tips, visit www.auracacia. com.
Follow these simple recipes for making your own basic homecare products: -Basic Spray Cleaner 2 cups water 1/2 teaspoon sodium borate 1/4 teaspoon liquid soap 36 drops essential oil* *Cleansing and purifying essential oils: lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, spike lavender. Gentle Scouring Cream 1/2 cup baking soda Liquid soap 18 drops essential oil* Window Cleaner 2 cups water 3 tablespoons vinegar 1/4 teaspoon liquid soap 36 drops essential oil Wooden Furniture Polishing Oil 3 tablespoons vinegar 1/2 teaspoon jojoba oil 10 drops lemon essential oil Carpet Deodorizing Powder 1 cup baking soda 18 drops essential oil* *Deodorizing essential oils: bergamot, coriander seed, lavandin. *Oils that brighten: lemon, lemongrass, grapefruit.
BEAUTY From Page 5
to reduce their contribution to landfills. For instance, fashion brand H&M recently announced its partnership with I:Collect. H&M customers may donate any article of clothing from any brand to any H&M retailer worldwide in exchange for a store voucher. I:Collect then repurposes the donated clothing. Since The Council of Textile Recycling reports that the average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing each year, this is yet another small dent in keeping usable materials out of landfills. Another example is upcycling pioneer, Nike. Its Reuse-a-Shoe program launched in 1990, with more than 1.5 million pairs of post-consumer shoes now collected annually. Today, the company transforms those recycled shoes into Nike Grind, an ingredient used in making rubber flooring for gyms and weight rooms, along with running tracks and playground surfaces. For some, finding meaning in waste, especially when it comes to manufacturing, may be a new idea. However, many companies have been out in front of this trend long before it became fashionable. For instance, ECORE is North America’s largest consumer of recycled scraptire rubber, reusing over 80 million pounds of material each year. Rubber is engineered to never degrade, decompose or deteriorate. This is a great quality, except when tires are left to decompose in a landfill. The company partners with Nike and uses Nike Grind as an ingredient in its recycled rubber flooring. “At ECORE, we don’t just follow best practices - instead we develop smarter processes and systems to make best practices better,” says ECORE chairman and CEO, Arthur Dodge III. “It’s how we produce 2.6 million pounds of waste a year, but send only 1.3 percent of it to the landfill.” Recycling rubber might be too high of a commitment when at home, but there are a few easy steps people can take to keep reusable waste out of landfills: Separate trash: If you don’t already, separate your trash over the course of a week or two. In doing so, you’ll gain an understanding for exactly what you throw away. Once you know what you have, find the right recycling centers in your community. And when it comes to food, consider composting. Research alternatives: A certain segment of doit-yourselfers already appreciate that one man’s
Rubber is engineered to never decompose – so what happens to your old car tires? ECORE turns them into flooring for offices and gyms.
garbage is another man’s treasure. Think about all the ways you can use, and reuse, materials in your home. Buy smart: A little consideration in advance can go a long way in making your purchasing de-
cisions. That may mean investing in products that are higher in quality, but enjoy a longer lifespan. To learn more about ECORE-and its mission to create solutions that eliminate wastefulness, visit
Wapakoneta Daily News & The Evening Leader Thursday, April 18, 2013
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building services. Our management teams have become experts in these areas, and have managed over $1 billion worth of construction. The team’s knowledge, experience and expertise has positioned the organization as the contractor of choice throughout the region and attributes its success to the close relationships the company has with its owners, local trades, suppliers, and vendors. The company’s proven processes, open book philosophy and dedicated construction professionals are what sets the company apart from its competition. The company has nine LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals on staff. Tuttle Construction, a sister company to Touchstone, and its parent company, Tuttle Services had to rebuild its office after a fire in 2008. The office was built to LEED standards and a year later, became LEED Gold certified. The building has reduced its energy usage by 140,579 kilowatt-hours, carbon dioxide emissions by 120.3 tons and received recognition from American Electric Power for being an energy efficient leader in the business industry. Companies like Touchstone CPM who specialize in building sustainable buildings have to verify the project is achieving the standards in order to become LEED certified by the United States Green Building Council. For a project to become LEED certified, it must go through a lengthy checklist where points are awarded for implementing specific sustainable items. For example, building on a site that was previously in use, waste reduction, reuse and recycling during construction, sustainable building design, energy efficient products and equipment, and installing efficient air systems. The majority of points are in energy reduction and water efficiency. Automated sink fixtures and waterless urinals are examples. Once the project nears completion, there are numerous air quality, lighting and other tests done d to ensure the systems were installed and operating correctly. Building a sustainable facility is a focus of a lot of owners, especially if there is an operational pay back. While it may mean a greater investment up front, building owners such as schools and hospitals save money in the long run. Touchstone CPM (TCPM) is “Totally Committed to your Peace of Mind.” Our quality certified (ISO 9001:2008) construction management services ensure each of our projects are a complete success. We not only meet our client’s expectations of quality, time and cost, we exceed them. In May 2013, the company is moving its operations to a new location. Touchstone CPM will be housed in the same building as its parent company, Tuttle Services, Inc., which is located at 880 Shawnee Road in Lima.
Located in Lima, Ohio, Touchstone CPM has provided professional construction management services since 2003. This year the company celebrates its 10th anniversary. The company is a subsidiary of Tuttle Services, Inc. in Lima. Touchstone CPM specializes in managing construction work for the education and healthcare markets as well as providing green/sustainable
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Wapakoneta Daily News & The Evening Leader • Thursday, April 18, 2013
“Original Recyclers” Since 1848 “Fueling your vehicle from used cooking oil”
The most common raw material for biodiesel are virgin soybean oil, animal fats and recycled vegetable oil.
Since 1848
SON CO. T h e O r i g i n a l R e c y cl e rs
“The Secret to our Success”
The secret to our success isn’t even much of a secret. G.A. Wintzer & Son Co. hires hard workers who are dedicated to the job at hand.
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