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So long, farewell

September 26, 2014

I began to write this in my head so many different times now I don’t even know where to begin.

Today is my last day as a reporter for the Wapakoneta Daily News and there are definitely some strange feelings floating around inside of me.

While it has only been a little over nine months, WDN and Wapakoneta have taught me a lot of things I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

For the love of the game

August 8, 2014

With training camps, practices and high school sports underway it is hard to shy away from a topic that has been on every mind at one point in their sporting career.

This topic left me with multiple sleepless nights, arguments with my parents and a sense of failure.

The gamble that is waged when weighing the pros and cons of a decision regarding this topic is asinine, but can be understood if you have been in the same position yourself.

Coping with loss: a young person’s perspective

July 17, 2014

Four years ago today my mother died of cancer. 

World Cup tops them all

June 11, 2014

The excitement that surrounds high profile sporting events is something of beauty.

The attention events like the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA and NHL finals receive is truly amazing. It is a place for people to connect, find commonality and bond with one another no matter race, class, religion, gender or opinions they may have.

Travel ... but first to the library

June 11, 2014

Recently, my husband and I went on a vacation. A long-awaited and hard-earned vacation.  After our camera was pick-pocketed on the last day of our Caribbean cruise honeymoon in 2011, robbing us of nearly every single one of our photographs, we were determined to repeat the trip as soon as we could afford it.  We wanted to retake those photographs, to recapture those memories, and to feel less cheated and violated…because that’s exactly how being pick-pocketed made us feel.

Changing the way teachers are evaluated

June 3, 2014

Ohio is making changes to the way it evaluates the performance of its teachers. Ohio’s Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) is intended to provide a richer, more detailed view of teacher performance, with a focus on specific strengths and opportunities for improvement. While the OTES presents big changes for teachers, students, and administrators, our support for our teachers and commitment to our students remain the same.

What is the OTES?

Book Clubs: Reading as a community experience

May 14, 2014

“We read to know we are not alone.”

 — C.S. Lewis

Train like an astronaut

May 7, 2014

When the month of August arrives most parents and children have school on their minds. At the Armstrong Air & Space Museum we are thinking Space Camp. Space Camp is the Museum’s annual summer camp that lets students in grades 2nd through 7th train just like the astronauts do. Some of the highlights of last year’s camp included: flying in an airplane at the Neil Armstrong Airport, building a model rocket that gets launched, aquatic training at the YMCA’s pool, and running through tough obstacle courses on the Museum grounds.

The difficulties of teaching

May 6, 2014

I am pleased that the Wapakoneta Daily News has provided me with the opportunity to write about the Wapakoneta City Schools and issues surrounding education. It is my intent to use this opportunity to communicate with our community about many issues that we can address from an educational perspective. We don’t always have the ability to reach a diverse group of people, such as the readers of the Wapakoneta Daily News who live in and care about our Wapakoneta community.

Is it time to pay college athletes? YES

April 28, 2014

Arguably the most debated topic the NCAA has to deal with these days is the matter of whether college student-athletes should be paid.

The specifics of the debate are very wide-ranging, and determining whether the specifics of amateurism need to be changed is the primary task at hand. People who want college athletes to be paid want the following question answered: if athletic departments, conferences, executives, coaches and the NCAA itself can earn money from collegiate athletics, why can’t the athletes themselves earn money in the process?

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